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Wellness and Sports Dietetics now accepts insurance. Currently we are accepting: Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Cigna, Tricare, Sentara Health Plans, United Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid. Patients with other insurances can use their HSA/pay cash or may be able to apply the cost of service to their annual deductible. Please contact Jenny for more information:

Wellness and Sports Dietetics specializes in cardiovascular health, diabetes education, the reversal or prevention of chronic disease, traumatic brain injury, and sports nutrition. The dietitians at Wellness and Sports Dietetics will work with your patients 1-on-1 to create meaningful diet and lifestyle changes to help them reach their healthcare goals.

Wellness and Sports Dietetics is proud to be a weight neutral/weight inclusive practice that serves all members of the community. 

Wellness and Sports Dietetics is proud to be LGBTQ+ and transgender/gender nonconformity inclusive.


To request an appointment for your patient, please send an order, a copy of the patient's photo ID and insurance card, and send most recent office note, H&P and any available lab records. 

Please send all documents to our Fax: 757-257-0792

Our office phone number is: 757-559-1549

For more information or to speak with a dietitian directly please email: 

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