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Wellness and Sports Dietetics, LLC is a nutrition and wellness counseling service based out of Virginia Beach, VA. Wellness and Sports Dietetics offers virtual appointments servicing adults throughout the United States. 


Wellness and Sports Dietetics is proud to offer medical nutrition therapy/nutrition counseling through a weight neutral/weight inclusive lens. We are proud to offer services to all individuals seeking to improve their health, including the LGBTQ+, transgender, gender nonconformative and neurodivergent community.


Who We Help..


Wellness and Sports Dietetics helps their clients realize their goals by working with them to develop sustainable habits for continued success. We work with athletes, as well as adults living with chronic illnesses and those wanting to improve their lifelong wellness.

The Athlete.........

Jenny at Wellness and Sports Dietetics knows how hard athletes work to maximize the effects of their training. From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete and everyone in between, Jenny helps all level athletes meet their goals, on and off the playing field.

The Adult looking to improve their health....

Regardless if you are living with a chronic disease,  want to prevent it, or want to work towards lifelong wellness, Jenny will work with you each step of the way to help you cultivate the healthiest version of you!.​



To promote optimal health, wellness and performance through individualized holistic nutrition counseling.



To be the leader for holistic wellness and sports nutrition.

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-to provide equitable healthcare to all individuals

-to amplify athletic performance through strategic use of nutrition to support all levels and all types of athletes

-to reduce chronic disease and its impact in the population in which it serves

-to provide these services while maintaining client autonomy

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